Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hello, and Guess Who won?

Hello, everybody. Or probably nobody, as nobody really knows who I am or much about me.

Just a brief intro-I'm a stay-at-home parent who loves to write and build things. Yep, that's me. Not much to talk about, which begs the question, why in the world am I blogging? Probably because I'm also half crazy and it's a place to write and get things out there.

I write fantasy, primarily urban or contemporary fantasy. Believe me, I'd write other stuff if I could, but somehow everything comes out fantasy. I'll start a mystery and BAM! My detective turns into some fantastical creature. Thus far I've got werewolves and Harley riding fairies in my mysteries. Non-fiction seems to be a total loss, which is a shame as my mother made me PROMISE to write her life history long before she lay on her death bed. She may end up having to be satisfied with a "based on a true story" type of book. I write novels. They're interesting. I like them. I'm sorry, but history bores me-unless it's European or ancient history-that I like.

So, I entered this poetry challenge over at my friend Karen Hoover's blog this week and it turns out I won! Which is pretty cool, but slightly embarrassing. Actually, extremely embarrassing, as I wrote about my most embarrassing moment that came from clear back in fifth or sixth grade. I never really expected to win the darn thing, but it's kinda cool that I did. :)

So, I guess I'll repost it here, embarrassing or not, because, heck, it's the first thing I've really won. And she's even giving me a button to put on my sidebar so I can brag about it all I want. You should check out Karen's site. It's really cool, though she hasn't been writing as much lately. Think I'll be kicking her butt about that. But she DOES run this really awesome site called Sprint Writers Central where you can find people to sprint write with you. Well, usually. July has been pretty barren of people, I'm afraid, though there tend to be more in the evenings than during the day, which is the exact opposite of June, from what I understand. Anyway, check it out sometime. It's pretty nifty.

So, I guess you're waiting for the poem, huh? I was afraid of that. Well, here it is, in all its embarrassing glory. Enjoy!

The Day I Wanted to Die

Always a tomboy

A woman's body, so young

I played football with the guys

and tried to ignore the changes

that made me grow up

One day I played in a shirt too tight

And as I thrust my arms into the air

waiting for the ball to sail my way

and as the ball flew

I felt my buttons go

pop, pop, pop

until my shirt hung open

exposing my womanly form to any who looked

The ball hit the ground and bounced

a pass failed but I no longer cared

Panicked, I turned away and buttoned up

But never again did I play football

with the guys

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  1. Your poem is great. That must have been mortifying. Then again some of the most traumatizing childhood memories make for the best stories now. That's awesome that all of your stories turn fantasy. It's a great genre.